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Kachi Chawni

Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten. We believe that there is ‘unique potential’ in every child; and Kidzee nurtures it. Touted to be one of the best preschools in India, we nurture and shape minds with the help of our best-in-class age appropriate progressive curriculum. We are changing the face of early childhood education with consistent upgradation and innovation to meet the current needs with proactive future, focussed on grooming them to be ‘ever-ready for life’.
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We are here to help parents raise happy and healthy children

Leading chain with preschool situated in India and Nepal backed Zee Learn Ltd. With more than two decades of experience in the preschool industry, Kidzee has nurtured more than 1.4 million children throughout India. Being one of the largest preschools in India. Kidzee has 2000+ centres in 750+ cities in India and Nepal.

By the end of high school I was not of course an educated man, but I knew how to try to become one.

Poonam Nischal

Founder & Head of School

Daily activities

Designed to help children realize their potential

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Morning Huddles

A morning huddle is a brief meeting that is held at the start of the day with team members to discuss what the day will look like. It is also known as a daily stand-up or daily scrum.

The Basics

They learn how to work with others, follow rules, and solve problems. Teachers help children learn by giving them information, asking questions, and helping them practice new skills.

Play Stations

These are specific areas designed for children to play in. In addition to providing a fun and engaging environment for children, play stations can also help children develop important skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking.

Learning Lab

Virtual labs provide a highly interactive and immersive learning experience that allows students to explore concepts and theories with practical applications. This helps students to retain the information better and improves their learning outcomes.


Superfoods are nutrient-dense foods that offer a variety of health benefits. Superfoods are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are important for growth and development.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is an essential part of a child’s development. It provides children with opportunities to learn new skills, develop physical strength, and benefit mental well-being.

What parent say
I am so grateful for the amazing education my child is receiving at this school. The teachers are dedicated, the curriculum is challenging, and the environment is nurturing. I couldn’t ask for a better place for my child to learn and grow
Shweta Bhatia

More than just a joyful place

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